Saturday, 31 January 2015

Certification ceremony for “Koshish- skilling and empowering women with disabilities”

Sambhava Foundation distributed certificates to students who completed their training successfully, under our project “Koshish- Skilling and Empowering women with disabilities” on 2nd January 2015.

The project was implemented in partnership with Sarthak Educational Trust aimed at training and placement to 15 differently-able girls. The 3 months long program resulted in getting employment to 9 girls who are earning an average salary of INR 7000 per month. The remaining students are scheduled for interviews and hope to get placed by the end of January, 2015.

The ceremony also had dance and song performances by the students. Also, a short video was prepared depicting the journey of all in students in Sarthak. Personal experiences were shared by the girls which were heartwarming.

Before joining Sarthak, I was very introvert and was afraid of stepping out of the house. I was always thinking about being judged by people around me. It was rather a courageous act for me to join Sarthak, it changed me completely. Now I am more confident and able to converse properly. I am not afraid of people’s judgmental attitude and most of all I can travel to different places all on my own. Sarthak not only helped me being economically independent but also changed my personality. Now I have a new approach, a confident approach to this world. Most of all I thank Sambhava Foundation, for linking me to this program, for selecting and providing me financial and moral support to pursue this training. it give me immense pleasure to announce that today I am working with and earning a monthly salary of INR 9,500. ”
                                                                                 -  Jyoti Gola (Orthopedically Handicap)

“Because of this Training program, I am now able to identify my abilities and use them effectively. I am open to learning new things and face challenges. I have developed and grown as a person. I really thank Sambhava and Sarthak for choosing me and believing in me despite my shortcomings. I am really happy and proud to tell you that now I am also an earning member of my family.”
                                                                                   -  Anjali Rajput (Hearing Impaired)

It was real proud moment for Sambhava Foundation, our girls showed real determination and courage. These girls who were once dependent on their family are now self dependent, instead they are adding on to the family income. It gives us immense pleasure that our efforts were brought to the shore of success. Sambhava hopes to continue making similar efforts in future.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

“Identifying the Potential Within”

Sambhava Foundation organized a workshop on “Identifying the Potential Within” for its Beneficiaries training under the project “Koshish- Skilling and Empowering Women with Disabilities” on 21st November 2014.

The workshop was conducted by Bunyaad Foundation, who comes with rich experience in organizing and facilitating sessions with diverse groups with varied needs. This group consisted of girl students who were orthopedically, visually and hearing impaired. The main objective behind organizing and conducting this workshop was to create a sense of self worth and confidence in our students who are differently able-d.
Bunyaad Foundation organized a one hour need assessment session 5 days prior to conducting the workshop. This session equipped them well in designing activities that suited the student’s need and requirements. 

The workshop consisted of activities, videos, motivational talks and learning lesson on English by using very simple hands on tips that can help them improvise their English speaking skills. Sharing some of the feedback comments of our students:

Extremely friendly atmosphere helped us share our anxieties and problems and also find appropriate solutions for them.” 

I am motivated and inspired to work hard towards achieving my goal. This session made me realize that it’s the attitude that makes a man disable in the real sense. Bringing in right and positive attitude will definitely lead to success and contentment” 

This activity was really helpful in learning English in a very effective manner. Tips that were provided by Sir were easy and also do not require extra time. It is like a daily routine for us like eating and sleeping. Now on wards all I need to do is incorporate some simple habits in life which will automatically improvise my English. I am really happy about it.”

Students appreciated for being given plenty of opportunities during the session to practice out the methods immediately. This really helped them to clarify their doubts there & then.

Sambhava Foundation is really happy with the success of the workshop which was not only well received by the students but also brought in positive change in attitude of our beneficiaries.

“Hunar- Empowering women through skills”

“Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity.” – Gandhi

Sambhava Foundation signed MoU with Bunyaad Foundation on October 10, 2014 for implementing our Project “Hunar-Empowering Women through Skills”.

Bunyaad Foundation comes with a rich experience in the sector with a pan India presence. The organization will sensitize, mobilize, counsel and select the beneficiaries for the project “Hunar- Empowering Women through Skills” and place them with the industry. The organization is strongly committed towards the cause and also holds rich experience in conducting workshops on various social issues.

The objective is to reach out to the women who are disadvantageously placed in a particular area of Delhi and help them acquire the relevant skills required to enter into the mainstream job market to earn their livelihood with dignity which in turn would translate into economic independence and decision making ability.

The program comes with various workshops like Financial Literacy, Health, Legal awareness and regular sessions to motivate and inspire students to aspire and make best use of the opportunities available. This all round development of our beneficiaries will help them contribute to the nation’s growth by being responsible and informed citizens.

Sambhava Foundation conducted Workshop on “Workplace Readiness”

Sambhava Foundation organized and conducted 4 hours workshop on workplace readiness with a batch of 15 students undergoing training on 6th September 2014.

This ‘Fun to Learn’ workshop was organized to prepare our students for job. Besides learning technical skills, it is very important to learn basic applied skills. The workshop was prepared keeping in mind the basic four principles and gap areas:
  •  Professionalism/work ethics                 
  • Oral & written communication
  • Team work and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking/ Problem Solving
Focus was on building simple understanding and functional skills which emphasized on making professional life smooth and stress free. Various activities on communication and discipline were conducted to make the learning process simple yet understandable. Apart from this they were given training on Resume writing, Interview Tips and Communication to Time Management, Team Work, Leadership and Problem Solving attitude.

Ms Madhu Kanoria, Trustee of Sambhava Foundation also graced the event and had an inspiring and motivating conversation with all the students.

The workshop ended successfully on a happy note with distribution of certificates and students expressing their happiness and gratitude on getting a chance to learn something new which was not a part of their technical course but prepared them professionally.

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”- Colin Powell

Binashri, came out as one of our most dedicated and hard working student. She covered a distance of 23 kilometers daily to reach her training center and completed her training in 2 months surpassing rain floods, dilapidated road and improper conveyance.

Binashri, 18 was born into an economically weaker family in Kendrapada Orissa. Owing to lack of resources she studied up to 10th standard.  Her father works as a gardener in Delhi and visits his family in Kendrapada village once in every 7 months. Urgency to fulfill his responsibility of marrying her, he made arrangements for May this year. This is when Sambhava Foundation intervened and convinced him to let her achieve some economic independency by helping her attain some skills that can facilitate her in earning livelihood.

Sambhava Foundation secured her admission in DB Tech Center, Kendrapada Orissa. Keeping her aspiration in mind she was given 2 months training in Hospitality which she completed with 85% attendance record despite of long distance and lack of proper conveyance in the area. Meanwhile Sambhava Foundation provided all necessary financial and moral support.

Today, we are proud to announce that Binashri is working in Hotel Continental in Jharsuguda, Orissa as a housekeeper.  

Her story is an inspiration for many whom despite of having all the available resources are not devoted and consistent enough to take that step towards progress. 

Koshish: Skilling and Empowering women with disabilities.

“Development can only be sustainable when it is equitable, inclusive and accessible for all. Persons with disabilities need therefore to be included at all stages of development processes, from inception to monitoring and evaluation”

- Ban Ki-moon,
Secretary-General, United Nations

Sambhava Foundation believes that “Women with disabilities” suffer a double discrimination, both on the grounds of gender and of impairment. The consequences of deficiencies and disablement are particularly serious for women. Women are subjected to social, cultural and economic disadvantages, which impede their access to, for example, health care, education, vocational training and employment. If, in addition, they are physically or mentally disabled, their chances of overcoming their disablement are diminished, which makes it all the more difficult for them to take part in community life.

All women with disabilities can and want to be a productive member of the society. Towards achieving this we need to be more inclusive in our approach.

Working towards making development inclusive and accessible, Sambhava Foundation in partnership with Sarthak Educational Trust has initiated a Skill Training Project for Women with Disabilities.

Sarthak Educational Trust is working with a vision to Empower People with Disability to enable them to live their life with dignity and respect. To create sustainable employment for people with disability, the organization involves itself in rigorous skill development program for people with Visual disability, Hearing disability as well people who have a physical disability.

Being a pilot project, it is spanned over a period of 4 months which involves 3 months of training and 1 month of post placement follow up towards training of 15 women with disabilities.

This joint project aims at imparting employable skills which includes Basic Communication skills, Basic IT Skills and Work place readiness. In addition to this, there is also specification in the areas such as Retail, IT, Data Entry Operations and Hospitality sector.

Skill training for a batch of 15 women has already started from 1st September. Sambhava Foundation is looking forward towards the successful completion of the project which will help our beneficiaries in earning their livelihood with dignity.

“Life is full of difficulties but I want to come out of them as a winner “- Niharika

A simple, calm and quiet girl by nature, Niharika, 18 years old joined Travel and Tour Management course in August 2013. After her father expired, her family had to go through financial turmoil.

She passed her 12th standard board Exams and was looking for a course that can help her secure a good job. She came across “Travel and Tour Management” course through a third person and visited the TMI Academy center, but because of high fee structure she was unable to join the course.

Niharika was then approached by Sambhava Foundation, her enthusiasm and will to make a change in her life made her applicable for our “Scholarship Program”.

” It is because of Sambhava Foundation that I am able to attend this course. Sambhava Foundation helped me financially and acted as a pillar of support.  It is good organization who helps needy girls”.

Sambhava Foundation arranged extra classes for Niharika, keeping in mind her spoken English which was a major hindrance in getting her placed with companies. After a week of extra classes, she got placed with InterGlobe technology with a stipend of Rs 13,500 per month, which is the highest in her batch. 

She has proved to be a consistent and hard working student.

“Sincerity and hard work can overcome all hurdles”

Shivani, 19 years old, after passing her 12th exam was unsure about her career. She got herself enrolled in B.A program (Private) in Delhi University so as to continue her studies without incurring any financial burden on her parents. On the other hand, she was desperately looking for a short duration course after which she can get good and financially secure job.

She came across Travel and Tour Management course by TMI (Travel Mate India) Academy that promised a good job with optimum career growth. Because of very high fee structure and inability to pay that amount she was referred to Sambhava Foundation for the Sponsorship program.

Sambhava Foundation made home visit and interviewed her to ascertain her qualification that best suited our program. Belonging to a family with low income, her positive attitude, hard working nature and will power to make a change in her life was something that attracted us. She was the first student of the training institute who was selected even before completing her training.

“I want to be an independent women and this training program will help me achieve it.  It was only because of Sambhava Foundation that I am able to learn and enhance my skills.”

She was selected as an intern with Air India with a stipend of Rs 5000 per month. She travels 30 km each day to reach her work place and is striving to make it big in her career. Her desire to contribute effectively to her family’s income is fulfilled with her head held high with dignity.

Hard work put in by our girls add value to our efforts and makes them successful.