Friday, 6 February 2015

"The only disability in life is bad attitude hence I am not disable" - Hari Devi

Hari Devi, 25 years old is a resident of New Delhi. She grew up in a very supportive environment in between friends and family. Born as a non- disabled girl, she was pampered by her siblings in all possible ways.  At the age of 3 years, she suffered from high fever and was detected with Polio Virus which resulted in making her body dysfunctional below the waist.  This was indeed shattering news for her family. As advised by doctors she had to undergo surgery three times to regain some movements in her lower limb.  Thereafter, she was recommended to wear leg brace on a daily basis. Initially, she resisted it strongly as it was making her feel and appear different from others. But gradually realized that this was the only way she could move independently.

Her family decided to keep her at home because they were concerned about her mobility. However, her keen interest towards studies made her parents change their mind. Her parents were very proud of her when she successfully completed her higher secondary from Kendriya Vidyalya, R. K Puram with good grades. She still recalls that moment when during sports period, she fell down due to imbalance and none of her friends turned up for her help instead made fun of her and imitated the way she walked.  This was the first incident when she realized that life is going to be really tough and being strong is the only option left for her. But such incidents didn’t dampen her high spirits.

One day, she received a call from SARTHAK about a training program under the project called “Koshish” implemented by SAMBHAVA Foundation and got herself enrolled in the training program. Right from the beginning she was very determined, full of life and had a strong desire to become financially independent and support her family like her brothers did.  Gradually, she was often found expressing her opinions and views very confidently to others. Indeed her vibrant smile and motivational ideas inspired and influenced lives of many girls.  Over the period of time, the training really promoted her in developing more self confidence in speaking English language. She got to know about the existing job opportunities in corporate sector. She realized that the 3 months of training was instrumental in grooming her, specifically in body language, dressing style and all the relevant skills and attitude to crack the interview.

She gave her first interview at Hatsun – A retail outlet for the profile of Sales Executive. The panel got very impressed by her confidence and enthusiasm towards life. Once again she proved “Where there is Will, there is a Way”!! 

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